terminal-based productivity


Designed by a command-line junkie for command-line junkies, nrrdtools is a suite of Open Source shell applications designed to meet common productivity needs from the comfort of your *nix terminal.

These programs all use similar commands and follow common UI paradigms, and they support both command-line use as well as interactive shell modes. Program data used by the nrrdtools applications is stored locally in plain text, meaning your personal data is always accessible, easy to sync and back up - and it's as close as your favorite $EDITOR.



nrrdbook is an address book to store information about your contacts and can integrate with mutt/neomutt for contact lookups. It has support for a wide range of contact data fields, as well as tagging and advanced search functionality to quickly find people and organizations in your address book.



nrrddate keeps track of your appointments and events and provides daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views of your schedule. It supports recurring events and event reminders, sending meeting invites, and can also integrate with mutt/neomutt to act as an ICS file handler for responding to invites and adding received events to your calendar.



nrrdtask is a powerful todo/task management tool that supports tagging, projects, repeating tasks, subtasks, and reminders. You can track the progress of your tasks from start to finish using status flags, make notes about your tasks, and use quick filtering shortcuts to view tasks that are late or are due soon.



nrrdalrt helps you stay on top of your tasks and events by gathering data from nrrddate and nrrdtask to provide reminders via email and desktop notifications (using your standard email client and D-Bus, respectively).



nrrdnote manages your collection of notes, allowing you to sort them into notebooks and apply tags to quickly find and open them in your preferred $EDITOR. It also provides full text search of your notes (with optional regex support) and shows matching search results with excerpts.



nrrdjrnl helps you log your daily activities into journal entries. It provides support for custom templates and lets you easily add timestamped entries to your daily journal as you progress through your day. Weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar views let you see your journal entries at a glance and full text search helps you find important information that you've logged.



nrrdmark serves as a browser-independent database for your bookmarks. It allows you to easily bookmark websites and add custom tags, as well as quickly find saved locations using keyword search in URLs and site descriptions.



nrrdtime is a time-tracking tool for keeping to-the-minute records of the time you spend each day on tasks and activities. It allows for tracking activities, pausing and resuming an activity's clock, and adding tags, projects, and notes to an activity. It can also produce detailed time reports for billing or project planning purposes.